University Of Ottawa Support Staff Collective Agreement

In the meantime, the university believes that its updated offer included “significant improvements.” The uOttawa Assistance Staff Negotiation Unit (PSUO-SSUO) reached an agreement with the university following discussions negotiated on Thursday evening. More than 1,300 University of Ottawa auxiliaries have interrupted their strike pending ratification of a new interim agreement between their union and the post-secondary institution. The union stated that the agreement was not essentially contingent on an earlier offer that had been rejected by membership, although the university said it contained “substantial improvements.” Details of the agreement will not be made public until the agreement has been ratified by the union, the university`s executive committee and the Board of Governors. More than 1,300 members of the Support Unit University of Ottawa employees (PSUO-SSUO) began a strike .m on October 19 at 12:01 p.m. After 19 months of negotiations, the employer and the union representing the university`s support staff were unable to reach a tentative agreement. According to the email, the union that represents the 1,300 support workers at the university says the strike is scheduled for Monday at 12:01 p.m. .m. Dear members, since Monday, the Support Staff of the University of Ottawa (SSUO) has been on strike against the salary and benefit cuts, an orphan clause in their collective agreement,… The PSUO-SSUO bargaining unit received a “final offer” from the university on October 15, according to the union, which called the team “unacceptable.” “We hope your union will take the time to explain these changes and seriously consider the significant improvements that have been made to this offer so that we can end this strike,” Adam said in a statement to UOttawa Support employees. University of Ottawa employees will be on strike after labour negotiations did not go as planned, according to a new email sent to students. The university`s support staff went on strike on 19 October after the parties failed to reach an agreement in the last 19 months of negotiations. “PSUO-SSUO members strongly opposed the employer`s efforts to compensate health care and other provisions, with 80% of members rejecting a final vote on the offer imposed by the university in June.