Learning Agreement Uni Heidelberg Erasmus

Recognition of economics courses in the field of basic field voting obligation and courses in a subject: You should, however, cite only universities that you have sufficiently knowledgeed about. An exchange of places after the allocation of places is not possible. If you receive a commitment, you must declare within about a week if you wish to accept the location. This declaration of acceptance is mandatory. Please indicate in your email that you have been abroad via the ERASMUS program. With regard to the recognition of the study credits of bachelor`s students participating in an exchange under the ERASMUS programme, the procedure to be followed is this: these documents must be collected accordingly after the commitment and sent (on request) to the host university. You must download a Learning Agreement on Mobility Online, before starting classes at your host university, which bears the signatures of you, Mrs. Cischinsky and the host university. This is why you should conclude the apprenticeship agreement as soon as you know which courses are offered during the relevant semester at the host university. You will find the necessary form in Mobility Online (a portal of the University Office of Foreign Affairs, in which you have already registered to apply abroad).

For courses published on your host university`s information page, eligibility as a VWL option course in the field of specialization has already been verified. There is no need for a new review if the number and title of the course are unchanged. Courses to replace the compulsory events in Mannheim must also be equivalent to these. Please also ask Ms. Cischinsky to review the equivalencies. Recognition will take place with the ECTS points planned in Mannheim. If enrolled before 2016, courses in economic history, economic geography and international economics can only be recognised as a replacement for the corresponding Mannheim courses in the fundamental field if they are equivalent to these.