App Hosting Agreement

10.1.2 This agreement is approved and executed by its duly accredited representative. 13.3.1 The Customer does not pay HMA the amount owed under this Agreement and does not make this payment within 10 business days of notification of a written request for payment, provided that the invoice subject to a written claim is not legally challenged by the Customer. 6.2 All intellectual property rights (including statutory copyrights) on the website that are generated under this contract are the property of the client. 13.3.2 The client does not materially fulfill any of the obligations that must be met or fulfilled under this Agreement; or 5.8.2 in which not only is compliance and implementation of this agreement denied. PandaTip: This paragraph of the web hosting model provides your client with information about revocation of the agreement. 3.1.1 services are made available to the customer under the terms and conditions of the agreement updated from time to time, and this web hosting agreement was concluded between [Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName] [Web Application Owner] and [Web Application Owner] and [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] (Host). The main objective of this agreement is to move forward in a longer-term contract, under which the company offers web hosting services from [Accord. Date] and begins with the maintenance of all delivery components. 15.2 Compensation extends to all costs, damages and charges incurred by the second party in the defence of an appeal, proceeding, claim or claim resulting from such an unlawful act or breach or negligent, even if the amount of the artunde provided for in point 12.5 is appropriate. The client may, at his sole discretion, terminate this hosting agreement if one or more of the following events occur: 1) Non-compliance with all the conditions listed above. 2) Bankruptcy of one of the parties 3) According to the written agreement reached between the two parties, neither party is in any way held responsible to the other party in the context of this agreement if it is prevented or delayed from fulfilling its obligations under this agreement or if its activities are carried out by deeds , events, omissions or accidents that are not subject to its proper control, including, without restriction, strikes, lockouts or other labour disputes (whether their employees or another party), failure of a service service or transport network, Act of God, war, riots, riots, malicious damage (including damage to a computer system caused by viruses caused by viruses , Trojan horse, worm, time bomb or other malicious computer programming routines or damage caused by unauthorized intrusion, access or attack of a computer system implemented by known or unknown persons), loss of access or connection to the Internet for any reason, compliance with laws or administrative injunctions, rules , regulations or instructions, accidents, plant or machinery failures, fire, floods, storms or failures of suppliers or subcontractors. 2.6 Without HMA`s prior written consent, the Client may not solicit or call upon a person or attempt to employ a person acting as an employee or subcontractor of HMA, at any time from the date of this Contract until the expiry of 12 months after the end of this Contract, either directly, indirectly, or through a third party.