Agreement On Textile And Clothing Wto

10. However, if there is no agreement among members after the 60-day period from the date of the consultation request expires, the member responsible for taking safeguard measures may apply the restriction after the import or export date provided for by this article within 30 days of the expiry of the 60-day period for consultations. and at the same time, refer to the TMB. It is open to both Member States to refer the matter to the TMB before the 60-day period expires. In both cases, the TMB promptly reviews the matter, including the finding of serious injury or a real threat to such damage, and its causes, and makes appropriate recommendations to the members concerned within 30 days. For the purposes of this review, the TMB disposes of the factual data provided to the Chair of the TMB in accordance with paragraph 7 as well as any other relevant information provided by the members concerned. This agreement and all the restrictions are denounced on the first day of the 121st month of the 121st month of the WTO agreement, which fully integrates the textile and clothing sector into the 1994 GATT. There is no renewal of this agreement. 10. This agreement does not prevent a member who has submitted an integration program covered by paragraphs 6 or 8 from incorporating products into the GATT earlier than planned in such a program. However, such product integration comes into effect at the beginning of a contract year and details are communicated to the TMB at least three months before that date, so that they can be put into circulation by all members. (15) This agreement does not prevent a member from removing the restriction maintained under this article, which takes effect at the beginning of a contract year during the transitional period, provided that the exporting member concerned and the TMB are informed at least three months before the elimination comes into force. The pre-notification period can be reduced to 30 days with the consent of the reluctant member.

The TMB distributes these communications to all members. In considering the removal of the restrictions in this paragraph, the members concerned take into account the treatment of similar exports from other Member States.