Aalto Learning Agreement

The curriculum must be largely in line with the field of study defined in the cooperation agreement between the school and the host university. For more information, please consult information about the different destinations or contact the coordinator. Please note that as a general rule, you cannot choose both bachelor and master`s programs, many different disciplines or different faculties/campus. Student exchange agreements are based on reciprocity: to send BIS students abroad, we need to get students from the same universities. How would you encourage Finland, Aalto University and, in particular, business school during exchanges for your classmates? The free Mover app is completed online. The app is available on the ARTS Study Abroad portal during the application period. After submitting your application online, print it out and email it to arts out-exchange-arts@aalto.fi coordinator. Please note that applications that have not been sent by email are not processed! Suomeksi Applications for university exchangeAfter the University of Aalto has selected a student as a candidate for an exchange university, the student`s information is sent to the host university (nomination). The host university will then send students information about their own application process, usually via e-mail. For candidates for the spring exchange, application instructions are usually sent out during the fall semester. Please check regularly your Aalto email, including junk mail. Please note that you are responsible for completing the application in a timely manner.

The final acceptance decision is made by the host institution. Exchange universities usually send an acceptance letter or entry package to all selected students, either directly to the student or through learning services. Documents that need to be returnedYou receive instructions by email on the documents needed to return to Aalto University before your exchange before the first part of your scholarship can be paid. Documents and other requirements vary according to the exchange programme (bilateral, Erasmus). School of Arts, Design and Architecture Before the start of your exchange period, you must submit the AUstausch-Austausch-Austausch-Formularen Student Exchange documents on the ARTS Study Abroad portal, after being accepted by the host institution. Include the official acceptance letter on the online scholarship form (for example. B e-mail) you received from the host establishment. Participants in Erasmus must also attach an Erasmus scholarship agreement signed to the scholarship form and the reception institution`s Erasmus Learning Agreement, if the curriculum has already been validated. If your curriculum has not yet been confirmed, send the apprenticeship agreement to ARTS later. The form is usually available on the portal from May/November. Applicants selected for student exchanges abroad will be notified by email if the form is available.

If your original curriculum has changed, update the bilateral apprenticeship contract form /Erasmus and have it approved and signed by your academic advisor/coordinator. If your curriculum is not confirmed until the beginning of your exchange, you can then approve it and have it signed. If your program changes have not been approved in writing, there is no guarantee that your studies will be included in your arts degree! Participants in Erasmus must also report the following documents: Erasmus Learning Agreement (see above). Complete the first part of the ONLINE OLS language test (the link will be automatically emailed to you after you have applied for an Erasmus online scholarship and indicated in which language you would like to complete the test) Once the OLS test is complete, you can also take an online OLS language course.